Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Beginnings

Spring has sprung!!! I love this time of year...the grass turning green, the trees budding, lawn mowers working their way across the yards, and birds chirping--love it! It also means I can take Aubrie outside to view the world after us being in hibernation for almost 6 months!! We've been going on more walks lately, and its fun to see her take in the world around her. Most of the time she just stares at Gizzy--he's her favorite thing in the world now besides mommy and daddy.

Aubrie will be 6 months on Saturday--her first half birthday! I can't believe she's this old already, time really has flown by! She is loving life and doing so many amazing new things every day. She's learned to sit this past week, and can balance herself very well for a few minutes before she plops over on her side or faceplants forward. Very cute though! Still haven't mastered the rolling from the tummy to back very well. She can do it, but doesn't do it very often...even though she spends the majority of her time on her tummy (she's a tummy sleeper just like mommy). She's also learned that banging things together makes noise, and has a great time banging her teething ring against anything and everything just to hear the sound it makes!

I'm planning on enrolling Aubrie in a Waterbabies class at the YMCA. I'm very excited! She loves her bath and I think she'd love being in the water! Plus its a good activity to get her out there and used to the water, as well as a great way for mommy to get some exercise!! Will post some pics after I get some :)

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