Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just a few months late…..

Someone said I needed to update this.  Yup! It’s been kind of awhile.  I could throw all the excuses out there such as “I got busy”, “It was summer”, “Playing with and teaching my baby”, etc etc etc…..Truth is….they’re all true :)

The summer flew by quickly—it was so much fun getting out with Aubrie and helping her discover new things!  We made plenty of trips to the nearby park and playground – especially the one with the wading pool! Aubrie was not a fan of splash parks…she bawled everytime we got near a fountain, so we stuck with the 3 foot deep wading pool!  We had lots of playdates with her favorite little people: Cami, Grant, Myla and Kaylee, our neighbor Zach, to name a few.  We went to the Science Center a lot to discover scientific things and build and learn.  We took many many trips to the Zoo (it sure helps that it’s less than 2 miles away!), and she especially liked feeding the fish!  Still leary of those goats and donkey and llama….we’ll get there!


New tricks:  She is sure talking up a storm!  She knows her first/last name and when asked, our names are Mommy Burcaw and Daddy Burcaw.   She can put together sentences and responds appropriately to our questions, which is much easier than trying to decipher grunts, whines and babbles!  She still throws her tantrums when we don’t quite understand what she’s trying to say. She still loves her baby dolls (I counted them today—she has13 baby dolls—13?!?) and has recently become very interested in pushing them around in a stroller, or lining them up to read them a story.



I also think we have a future gymnast on our hands—she’s always jumping like crazy—on her bed, around the house, off the furniture, down the stairs (eek!).  If there is something to hang on she’ll hang and swing herself like she’s on parallel bars…and she loves to climb onto just about anything. I’d really like to get her involved in a Mommy n Me gymnastics class, because once she turns 3 (the age Kris wants to enroll her) she’d be on her own…I’d rather get her started in earlier so she can get familiar with the activities before she has to be on her own.



Aubrie and Gizzy are really starting to play well.  It’s so cute—she’s always trying to give him hugs and kisses, but she’s also very bossy to him.  “Zizzy ky-it”, “Zizzy um-ere” and “Zizzy way ah you” are common phrases around our house!  She likes to play with him—correction: she likes to take his tennis ball and egg him on by running around the house with it while he chases her.  She also gets mad when he won’t eat the imaginary concoctions she cooks up in her play kitchen!  This girl has got quite the imagination!


We’ve recently been stricken with a case of the “I do it’s”.  Now that she’s a big girl (the 2 year old adult syndrome) she has the power to do it all.  Everything we try to help her with she has to undo and start all over again by herself!  For example:  she has to struggle with putting her jacket or shoes on for a few minutes before you can even attempt to help her.  If we carry her up or down the stairs she yells “I do it” and marches back the way we came just to accomplish the feat herself!  If I put her in her carseat she screams until I let her crawl out and then back into it on her own.  Washing her hands takes 5 minutes because she has to turn the water on, then twist the faucets a few times to make sure she gets the right temperature, and has to get the perfect amount of soap onto her hands before she can start washing (OCD much?!). 


The whole potty-training process is quite tedious as well: she has to pull the stool to the light switch to turn it on herself, pull it back to the toilet, undo her pants and attempt to pull her diaper off for 30 seconds, and only when she finishes all of those (without parental assistance) will she sit down and attempt to go. Someday I’m sure I’ll be grateful for her independence, but not when I hear her in her room, an hour past her bedtime, chanting “help diaper, help diaper” and open the door to find her completely naked (for who knows how long!) holding up her diaper and trying to put it on herself.  Sheesh…..

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