Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Aubrie and mommy took a trip to the zoo today!  We met up with Kelsey and her girls, Myla and Kaylee, and Anna and her girl Cameron.  Cameron is 3 wks older and is one of Aubrie’s friends (or at least her mom and I like to think they’re good friends w/all the playdates we’ve had together!), and I met Kelsey through work—Myla is 2 and Kaylee will be a year old in a month or so. 

It was exciting to be out in the nice, warm and sunny weather with the girls, and to be enjoying the animals at the zoo too!   Aubrie hadn’t been at the zoo since Halloween (which didn’t really count because none of the animals were out), and the time before that she was maybe 8 months old.  What 8 month old is interested in zoo animals??  I figured this would be a good age for her to go, since she’s so fascinated with the fishies at daycare and with all the animals she sees around town or in her books (all of them “Puppies” might I add!) 


3 exhibits in Aubrie decided she was a big girl and didn’t need to be tied down to her stroller anymore.  In fact, she was SO BIG that she needed to blindly push her own stroller into walls, the back of other people’s legs, etc.  Silly girl!  She started naming the animals…the red panda was ‘Elmo’ and pretty much everything else, except the actual fish, were ‘puppies’.  Can you tell this girl loves her furry brother??  She had a great time watching the otter swim circles in front of her, finally warming up enough to try and intimidate him (insert toddler’s ferocious growl)….until he popped up right in front of her, causing her to jump back in surprise!  I would say that was probably one of her favorite exhibits.

Aubrie trying to intimidate the otters


We meandered slowly to the goat/llama cages where you can feed them.  Surprisingly Aubrie really didn’t want much to do with them (surprising since she was so infatuated with the goats at Howell’s Pumpkin Patch in October!!).  Half hour break at the playground and slides, followed by a minor catastrophe when Miss Myla was running while watching her pretty new shoes—head vs. golf cart bumper = bumper wins + very upset toddler :(  After ensuring there were no concussions or goose eggs we went on to eat a snack near the peacock and eagle cages.  Aubrie, being the crazy goofball she is, wouldn’t sit still to eat.  Instead she marched around on the sidewalks, alternating lunges and high knees, then trying to imitate a peacock call (in her case it ended up sounding more like a grunty-scream).  Girl was gettin’ jiggy with her animal friends:) 

Aubrie’s favorite exhibit was the monkey exhibit.  And I’m not sure if it’s because the monkeys were more interesting, or if she was just having so much fun giggling up a storm with Myla and Cameron!  I wish I understood toddler babble!  The baboons were having a lazy afternoon, sitting in the sun and scratching each others backs….while the Gibbons (an ape of some sort) were partying it up in their cage—hooting and hollering and swinging all over the place.  The girls had a good time trying to have a conversation with them….who knows what they said ;)  After a quick trip to Africa to visit the giraffes and the tigers, the girls made it known that it was time to go. 

The excursion to the zoo was an exhausting one for Miss Aubrie….we were no less than a mile away from home (which is halfway to the zoo!) when she zonked out in the backseat.  That does it: I think I’ll be buying a season pass to the zoo ;)


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