Friday, April 29, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!!!

Las Vegas, Sin City, City of Lights, City That Never Sleeps….you did not disappoint!!!  I can definitely see how that city holds up to its reputation—what an amazing place!  I’ve always heard that it’s easy to be addicted, and after one short weekend there I’m already planning my next getaway (ahem, I turn 30 in October….)!

While the weekend was nothing short of amazing, it also had its bumps in the road.  First of all, it was my very FIRST time being away from Aubrie for any length of time, so I was pretty bummed and guilty to be leaving her behind in Iowa.  Then, both mine and Bobbi’s flights were delayed by an hour (mine for a late flight attendant, hers for mechanical failure), so we didn’t get there quite as early as we’d hoped.  Still, had a bit of time to fill up our travel cups and hit the strip with daylight wearing on.  And oh, the things we saw….random characters taking money to pose for pictures.  Some family friendly, others not quite as much. 


My papparazzi mode went into high gear for awhile.  We walked the strip taking in all the crazy sights and sounds, then split up into our groups: Team Bachelor and Team Bachelorette. 



We girls had a BLAST getting ready and eating up a bunch of delicious sushi (who knew I’d like the taste of eel??).  I won’t do a boring old play-by-play, but our night included a fun little show in Planet Hollywood, then heading to a club—where we spent the rest of the night.  At least until our feet screamed bloody murder in our stillettos and our stomachs decided Denny’s would be a good place for a 4am snack.  (Really, it’s not). 

Our second bump in the road occurred later that morning, after we’d gotten our mandatory 4 hrs of sleep.  We woke to gray chunky water in both sinks, and freezing cold showers.  Yay.  Two hours, a maintenance man, a trip to the lobby to complain, and 10 drink tickets/8 buffet vouchers and the hint of an upgraded room later we were on our way for the day.  Obviously 2 shades grumpier since we lost 2 hrs of touristing/pool time.  Which ended up being a little bit ok, since we all left the pool area that night no lighter than a neon strawberry.  Vegas sun is a little stronger than corn-growing Iowa sun.



Second bump: Upon return from the pool our sinks were once again backed up, and showers still cold.  Maintenance is obviously worth their weight in gold at the MGM.  They got to grace us with their presence again, but this time we weren’t able to get that upgrade (we were actually offered a DOWNGRADE to a single king bed room—not the nice suite we had—no thanks).  Went to dinner with the guys at the delicious buffet in the hotel.  THAT was worth it.  Seriously really good food, and LOTS of it, any variety, any color, any flavor from any part of the world you can imagine!  Not to mention at least 100 dessert (YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!)

  We all stuck together the second night, both touristy and fun clubbing stuff, and ended up being a pretty late (or early?) night—getting back to the suite (and COLD SHOWERS?!?!?!)  not that long before the sun came up.  But it was worth every second of the, uhhhh, less than comfortable day and trip back home.  Vegas was so much fun, and I feel that we didn’t get to spend quite enough time there.  Maybe a Thursday-Sunday trip will be in order in October :)


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