Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aubrie's Birthday: Part I

I'm going to start this endeavor with Aubrie's first weekend on Earth....and what the heck, I'll throw in a little history every now and again :). I was pretty impatient to get things moving, ever since I hit the 35 week mark (what is deemed "term" in NICU lingo). I wasn't sleeping much, was very uncomfortable, my legs were swelling and I was exhausted all the time. Even more than all the complaints though, I just really wanted to meet this little human being that I grew for 8+ months....I wanted to know who she looked like, who she acted like, everything about her!

The week she was born my blood pressure started climbing a little bit. Nothing major, but definately higher than my baseline. I was also getting headaches, and seeing "sparklies" in my peripheral vision. I had a few days of work in a row, and my 37 week appt was that Friday, October 16th. I went into the morning appointment feeling pretty good...left my "sample" and hung out until my name was called. As I walked back to the room the nurse told me that my "sample tattled on me".....I apparently had spilled proteins (not good--signifies preeclampsia--a potentially life-threatening condition where blood pressure spikes and can cause severe neurological impairments, to which the only cure is delivery of the baby.) My blood pressure had jumped quite a bit as well. When the OB came into the room she stated the same thing, asked how I'd been feeling the previous week, especially concerned about the neuro symptoms of the "sparklies" and headaches. She told me I bought myself a trip to the hospital. I was taken aback. I felt ready for the baby, but as soon as she'd told me this......wow. It hit me that maybe I wasn't quite as ready as I thought.

I asked if I had time to go home and get my packed hospital bag, just in case THIS WAS IT. I did, but they were ready and waiting for me so I had to make it snappy. How do you make the last few minutes you spend with your puppy alone before he's a sibling "snappy"?! I felt badly that I was leaving him for the weekend... After making the appropriate calls to daddy, aunts and grandparents, I was on my way to be checked in.

They monitored my blood pressure and took more labs at the hospital...after an hour or so the OB came in for a chat. Basically, my labs had improved, as had my blood pressure....I was having contractions though, so she gave me one of the hardest choices I've ever had to make: Either go home on strict bedrest until baby was born, or induce labor. I was far enough to be considered term (or late pre-term at the least), and baby was looking great on monitors, and the ONLY cure for preeclampsia was delivery BUT.....I was afraid. Would I be making a poor decision and putting her life into jeopardy if she wasn't ready to meet the world yet? Was I being selfish by wanting to meet her sooner than she was expected? How could I feel confident about making this decision that could potentially be dangerous for both of us??? After a discussion with the OB I decided to go ahead and be induced--which she completely supported. Millions of emotions were running through me at that point. Excited, nervous, scared, happy, anxious......but mostly, excited!

I was wheeled back to Labor & Delivery, and everything fell into place quickly. Grandma Yurcek was on her way, Daddy was heading to the hospital to meet me, I was given my "last meal" and an IV was started, cervadil was place and VOILA---labor induction began at 4pm on Friday, October 16th!

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