Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring tomorrow??

I LoVE my days off!! I love being able to spend time with miss Aubrie and breathe in her yummy baby smell, and watch her learn and explore new things. She's got her two bottom teeth poking up just the tiniest bit and loves to make cute smacking noises. I think she's doing an impression of us, cuz we just can't kiss her enough! I try to get it on video but she's so random with it you just don't know when it's going to happen! She's also starting to prop herself up WAY HIGH on her hands when she's on her tummy--and almost scoots herself forward. She's moving herself around in odd ways these days---always in some weird, awkward position in her crib when naptime is up!
I took the opportunity today to take the peanut and get some shopping done for Sunday's baby shower...and popped by work with her to show her off (as I retrieved my peanut butter from my locker--can't live without PB & J these days!!) She got ooh'd and ahh'd over like you wouldn't believe! And its always about her huge blue eyes, wide two-toothed grin, and her teeny petite body (surprising since her parents are both way above average in most growth categories!!) So petite in fact that at 5 months she's still wearing a few items of 3 month clothing! That's ok....I love her littleness :)

Happy Spring tomorrow!!! You wouldn't know it was going to be Spring tomorrow....maybe yesterday with the sunshine and 65 degree temps--but not today with the blustery wind, dreary and depressing cloudy skies, and the chilly 37 degrees. Arizona would be nice about now. Actually I'd take AZ anytime of year except June-August....I'm getting anxious to take the baby on long walks in her new jogger stroller! And I'd love to get myself back into shape at the same time! someday...

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