Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Countdown to Spring….T minus 5 days!

We’re. Almost. There! !!! It’s almost officially Spring, and I cannot WAIT for it!  I remember last year on the first day of Spring we made a snowman and went out to take a picture…hopefully that won’t be the case this year.  Kris is taking the snow tires off the Mustang soon, which can only mean we’ll get a blizzard in the next few weeks, right?!?!  We’ve had it made the last few days—it’s been nice and Spring-like, with sunny blue skies and warm temps, with just the tiniest hint of warmish/coolish breeze.  Today was so gorgeous that Aubrie, Gizzy and I took a much needed trip outside to enjoy the sunshine and mild temps.  This was Aubrie’s first time walking around in our backyard, at least without snow on the ground, and she was having a blast running back and forth, waving at the neighbor’s dogs (and snuggling close when they got a little too loud).   We blew bubbles, kicked and chased a ball around, and watched Gizzy and the neighbor puppy, Presto, run around and wrestle each other.  Aubrie thought that was pretty hilarious—she loves those puppies :)  It was nice to wear just a sweatshirt and be comfortable. I can’t wait until we set up her new jungle gym and picnic table out there once it gets warmer! It’s around 50 degrees (though our outdoor thermometer says 75—its in the sun though, real accurate I bet!). 

I love how the bubble highlighted the tree…super cool effect!!!!


Another reason I can’t wait for Spring…..the crud that’s going around, and for cold and flu season to be over!  Aubrie just can’t kick this crap in the butt!  She started making progress, as in showing that her ear wasn’t hurting as much, but then her cough got a lot worse.  Poor girl was just hacking away almost every few minutes or so and not seeming to get much relief (or only short-lived relief) from her nebulizer Albuterol treatments.  Kris picked her up from daycare yesterday and sent me a message right away at work saying she sounded terrible….and this morning she sounded SO HORRIBLE!  It almost sounded like she was drowning in her own phlegm (I know, nice.)  It just sounded so thick and heavy and nasty and her coughs were not making a difference—she sounded just as nasty after she coughed!  We were lucky enough to get an appointment with the nurse practitioner (my favorite one to see at her Dr office anyways) this morning, so after a little play session with grandma Burclaw we went to get her checked out.  Good news—she heard no evidence of pneumonia or bronchitis in her lungs, and less wheezing than last week, but it sounded thick so she ordered some steroids for her to take for a few weeks.  This is to help her lungs out, and hopefully we won’t have to use the nebulizer as much.  Downside to the steroids—grumpiness and not able to sleep as well—aka baby ‘roid rage.  The bad news for the appointment was that while her ear looked better (not as nasty, red or bulging as much), it is still infected and inflamed.  So she’s going to start her on yet another antibiotic for that.  This makes # 4 or 5 for ear infections, and I hope we can end at that for the season….otherwise I fear they’ll start talking ear tubes with us…….  Ugh, this sick stuff is annoying!!  I’m thinking we’ll have to get an order faxed over to daycare to have them give her treatments throughout the day, as she’ll be there 2 more days this week.  As long as it makes her feel and breathe better, I’m ok with it!


Aubrie LOVING the puppies playing!


Phew….all of this sunshine and bird singing gets me in the mood for…..you got it….a little Spring cleaning (while the baby is sleeping!)

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