Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am the mommy to a mermaid.  My girl loves her water so much, she just can’t get enough of it!  She found a way this past week to get a bath EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Throwing food behind her head and smearing it into her hair seemed to be the favorite!  I can’t believe how much she loves water!  She obviously loves her baths and is always trying to get into Gizzy’s water dish (she thinks she’s helping him by trying to pick it up and carry it over to him, then splash him in the face with it)!  If she hears me refilling her humidifier tank she makes a beeline for the base, cuz she KNOWS there is an inch or two of water there just waiting to be played with Smile  Maybe I should get this girl into some swimming lessons.  098


We learned some new words this week.  We have some cute decals on the wall in her bedroom, and all of a sudden she pointed to the owl and said “Ohl”.  She kept pointing and saying it over and over again, so I know she knows what it is:).  She’s also started saying “hi zhi-zhi” in the morning when she sees Gizzy.  How adorable! I love that she’s learning how to talk (although I hear maybe I should NOT be so excited….that once they start they don’t stop).  Of course, half the time I don’t understand her cute little nonsensical gibberish, but it’s adorable nonetheless!  If only I knew what she was saying….maybe Gizzy does.  They seem to be real close buddies lately, when he lets her get near him that is!  Aubrie loves on him so hard, always trying to pet him or hug him!  She has been heading straight for his food dish lately and picking a handful out, chasing after him to throw them at him in hopes he’ll eat them.

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Sometime he does, I think just to humor her.  She also chases after him for no reason, or will pull out some of his toys and run up to him to stick it in his face, hoping he’ll play.  Someday I hope she’ll make a good big sister, the way she’s always taking care of her Gizzy and her baby dolls!  Like I said, SOMEDAY.  As in after a ring is on my finger and we’re legally bound :)

On that note, I shall return later—Aubrie is having some pictures taken today by one of my co-workers who is dabbling in professional photography, and I’ve got to get her outfits and everything all packed up!  I’ll post them when I get them!!

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