Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sickie Mcgee

I guess cold and flu season has the last laugh.  It’s been a rough week around the house with the little lady.  She’d been battling a nasty, gunky cough for almost two weeks and was starting to not eat/drink well, as well as running a fever every once in awhile.  Finally, Monday night was the breaking point.  I can’t remember a night as bad as that since the first night we had her home! Poor girl was up from about 1130pm until 4am just sobbing, writhing in pain so hard I thought she was having a seizure (there goes the nurse in me, anticipating the worst that can happen!).  She didn’t want her paci, her blankie, a drink of water, or some food…wasn’t even really comforted by me walking around with her or rocking her!  I think she finally fell asleep from pure exhaustion :( I hate seeing her hurt like that! Needless to say we made a little visit to the pediatrician, and lo and behold, she had a nasty ear infection in her right ear.  I hadn’t even thought of that, because every infection she’s had in the past she’s yanked at her ear.  We were given some pretty powerful Zithromax and sent on our way.  Now her ear must be feeling better cuz she’s sleeping well again, but this darn cough will NOT go away!!!  Her lungs sound like there’s a bunch of thick, nasty crud rolling around in it, and the nebulizer only helps for a few hours. 

Check out baby taking her own temp!

The always entertaining box. Can’t get them both smiling at once though!

All that sickness and she still finds time to play and be happy! Thank GOODNESS the crabbiness only lasted a few days.  It was pretty miserable seeing her not act like herself…moping around and whining to be held, crying to be put down, throwing her food all over the floor, and just throwing mini temper tantrums.  My little mermaid was even hating her bath!  Now Hurricane Aubrie is back to wreak havoc on her toys and the furniture…Gizzy is probably groaning in protest now that she’s back to chasing him around the house. 

How can sleeping be comfortable with your butt this high in the air???


Reading with daddy



We’ve got a new favorite word of the week around the house now….she started out calling everything under the face of this earth “puppy”…Gizzy, random animals, her dolls, the neighbors, etc.  Now she runs around chanting “baby” for everything she sees…it’s cute that she’s learning new words, and I can’t wait until she can actually tell me what she wants with words instead of the proverbial point and “ugh ugh ugh” whine!  

On a positive note, my sister Bobbi and her kiddos, Chase and Sienna, got to welcome hubby and daddy Jon back from Afghanistan on Thursday!  YAY!!! He was only gone for about 6 months, but that is still a REAL long time to be away from your family.  He missed all of the important holidays with the family, and my sister was holding down the fort by herself, with two tykes under the age of 3!  I’m so glad that they were finally reunited, and I’m sure Bobbi is more than thrilled to have someone else in the house to help keep her sanity!  The pictures I’ve seen make me tear up.  I’m so proud to have Jon as a brother in law—he’s risking his health, safety, and life to ensure that his children, and their children’s children, and everyone else in America can hopefully grow up with a better life.   I can’t imagine doing what he does, but am so grateful for the brave men and women who serve our country to make our future better.  Glad he’s home safely!  We missed him a lot!  On that note, I watched a new show on Lifetime this past weekend and bawled my eyes out.  It’s called “Coming Home” and it’s about military men and women coming home from their tours, and surprising their loved ones, who don’t know they’re actually back.  This episode was mostly about dads surprising their kids in various places…some at school, one little boy at a Medievel reinactment.  It was so heartwarming and touching to watch all of those reunions, and to think of all the families and loved ones who will never get to experience that because their soldier is a fallen hero.  It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.  If interested, it’s on the Lifetime Channel at 9pm (I think after Army Wives…).

Enjoy baby eluding mommy at bathtime (sorry it’s sideways for half of it!)

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