Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just a reflection

Have you ever had something happen that makes you happy, but also sad, at the same time?  That’s kind of what is happening these last few weeks, especially with one of my super secret places of work. Now that wouldn’t be a problem, it might even be welcomed by some, if it were summer.  In my case I’m slightly ok with it, only because it gives me more time with my Aubrie, but also because daycare won’t charge us for the hours that I get cut from work early.  That’s the good thing.  The bad part is that it’s started to happen almost every other shift that I work, and my vacation time is dwindling in epic proportions, so pretty soon I’m not going to have much of a paycheck…NOT a good thing with student loans, new car payment, etc.   Not that I’m wishing for babies to be sick or born very early, but really….I would just like to actually work my hours and get paid to do so!  Thank goodness for homecare in this aspect, because at least that helps me stay on top of the bills!  Hence, the whole happy vs. sad battle continues on…..

Aubrie is learning loads of new words by the day! It’s crazy what she picks up on.  Just the other day I saw her accidentally bump her head on something so I asked “Did you bonk your head?”  To which she grabbed her head with both hands and said “Ow!”  Where in the world????  We are also learning that drinking bathwater is “Ucky”, and while she does repeat it back to me, it certainly doesn’t prevent her from trying to do it over and over again!  Silly silly goose.  She has learned to say Gizzy better—at least people can somewhat understand it now, and can say Zach (sounds like zhash) the neighbor boy that she plays with sometimes.  She can also point to where he lives when she’s asked! 

Did you bonk your head?

Oh how I love warmer weather!  This past week we’ve gone for lots of long walks outside and have gone to Gray’s Lake to play on the playground.  Aubrie loved the swings and the slides--kept trying to climb up them--while her buddy Zach just wasn’t so excited about them!  We’ve enjoyed time playing outside and watching Aubrie throw the ball and play with Gizzy.  Granted her throws are more like flimsy little drops at times, but Gizzy chases it still the same.  This summer is going to be SO much fun!  Aubrie is old enough to enjoy doing things outside and running around, which will get me off my lazy butt and out teaching my little girl the wonderful parts of summer :)  I’m even excited about the thunderstorms…..I love me some good ole rolling thunder in the distance.  However, not so much the tornado warnings that go with it.  I feel like we were tempting fate today—got slammed with two massive tornado-producing storms back to back early this evening, and heard the sirens going off at least 3 times.  Thank goodness we only had a bit of rain and maybe a little hail, but neighboring suburbs and towns were not quite as lucky as we were.  I think those warnings are even scarier when you have your own child to worry about.


enjoying an afternoon at Gray’s Lake


So my little sister is getting married in, oh, 2.5 months.  Wow…..maybe I should start looking into my maid of honor duties a little more seriously?!?  We’ve got the bachelorette party in a month or so—in VEGAS!  Pretty excited about that one.  May have to even do some fist-pumping action :)  It’s bound to be a good time, right?  I mean, Vegas….in April (while Midwesterners are still dealing with the thaw and clumps of mud)…?  ohhhhh yeahhhhhhhh! 

DSC03852Sculpture Park in DSMDSC03853DSC03856

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