Monday, March 7, 2011

Manic Monday @ Monkey Joe’s

Thank goodness that weekend is over! I’m not usually one who looks forward to a Monday, but I certainly was the last few days! I worked the whole weekend and was just exhausted, and on top of that Miss Aubrie is STILL battling her nasty cough/cold and wasn’t eating well, plus she started dabbling in a bit of a fever. “Baby Bear” was coming out to play again—aka Aubrie was really crabby and not eating well for daddy…. I was looking forward to today to snuggle and cuddle her back to her happy little self (not that daddy couldn’t do that, but mommies do it a little bit better!), and also to have a break from work :) And I must say, I miss my little mini-me’s antics when I’m not around, and just plain miss her whole little self!!!


We made plans with Anna and her 17 month old daughter Cami (one of Aubrie’s good buddies) to go play at Monkey Joe’s. It’s a cute little playplace for little kiddos filled with inflatable jumping castles and obstacle courses, an arcade, plus a separate area for the little tikes under 3 yrs. Aubrie seemed to like the bouncing part, we do a lot of bouncing at home, and was definitely more ‘into’ the jumping jungle gyms than Cami was. On a whim we climbed to the top of a very steep, very slippery looking slide…and Aubrie was NOT too excited about that one! She didn’t cry about it, but she was definitely not smiling either! Cami LOVED that one and took a whole bunch of turns with her mommy going down the slide—giggling and grinning the whole way down!! She really started having fun then, as she wasn’t too fond of the inflatables, especially the inflatable monkey :) After about an hour Aubrie started to melt down, so we ended up taking off earlier than we planned (naptime was very desirable for her!!) Anna and I both decided though that maybe they’re a little on the younger side for that place. We’ll try again in 6 months or a year—maybe they’ll be more receptive to it. I thought it was fun though—wish they had one of those places for adults to explore their inner child….when the employees weren’t watching I was sneaking a few little jumps here and there ;)



Oh, before I forget…Aubrie had her pictures last Friday with my coworker, Pam. She was such a little ham, but she doesn’t quite have a knack for sitting still or following directions! She was running everywhere, playing with things on the other side of the room, throwing things to the ground….oh boy….we’ve got a little tomboy! It was fun though, and Pam got some VERY adorable and amazing shots! I can’t wait to get the disc of them all so I can pick my favorites!! If you’re interested in taking a peek, here is the website for her album:

200181_1495245635666_1669845803_937766_6416303_nMUAH—Aubrie blowing kisses! XOXO!

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